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Herb Jordan Songwriting Highlights:

-6 ASCAP Songwriting Awards


Tuesdays in Chinatown

“A brilliant compositions.” Arthur Hamilton, songwriter Cry Me a River
“I’m obsessed with a song called “Tuesdays in Chinatown.” Emotion, memory, and hard-won knowledge are bound up in it.” James Fenton, The Guardian of London.

“Treat yourself to the sensual burn of the Herb Jordan·Doriane Elliott penned title track.” Urban Network· Scott Galloway

Tuesdays in Chinatown manages to simultaneously embrace the soft folds and hard realities of illicit love. Spectacular”Jazz Times· Christopher London

“The title song written by Herb Jordan and Doriane Elliott is a driving and moody number whose lyrics tell of a one-day·a· week affair in images evocative of film noir … something you might hear often on radio if only a format existed for it.” Absolute Sound· Francis Davis

“An intimate glimpse of a weekly lovers’ rendezvous and you feel as if you’re sitting at another table in the restaurant watching them whisper and laugh and hold each other on the dance floor. ” Ft. Lauderdale City Link· Bob Weinberg

“It’s a classic cut in every regard endowed with … the musical valves of a bygone era, yet utterly contemporary in its romantic sensibility. ” Bay Windows – Jason Roush

Tuesdays In Chinatown tells of longtime lovers who steal one day a week together in a tiny flat where “now turns into forever, for now will have to do.” Mr. Bey’s haunting voice seems to know a secret suspended place in time and finds the shadows lurking there.” Dallas Morning News, Perry Gettelman

“Top-shelf-ballad. Particularly potent.” CMJ New Music Report

“A picture of tantalizing assignation.” Boston Globe· Carlo Wolff


Believin’ It

“fierece, ripping” Buffalo News (1998)

“uptempo swinger” City Paper Balitmore (1998)

“joyful rhythems and headlong swing” Request (1998)


Midnight Blue

“Particularly soulfu” LA Jazz Scene (1998)

“Stunning” United Press International (1998)

“Yearning” Lincoln (NE) Journal Star (1998)

“Haunting, film noir-ish theme” Jazz Central Station (1998)